“I have always been drawn to anything handcrafted. It requires deep skill and concentration, and the result is always a soulful and curated look as opposed to machine made products. I love watching the artisans execute the designs in complete silence and profound contemplation, which I find adds a peaceful element to our usually stressful business.”

Carrie Forbes, known as one of the most innovative designers in the Italian luxury handbag industry, has taken her artistry to shoes. Having first launched her brand in 1989 in Los Angeles, Forbes created a much coveted, modern version of hand crocheted handbags. Her collection sold to top luxury retailers around the world including Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, and Neiman Marcus. She gained the attention of several high fashion magazines including Vogue, WWD, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle.

Following the success of her handbag collection, Forbes moved to Europe to hone her skills in the capital of luxury leather goods: Florence, Italy. She has spent the last decade freelancing with some of the most prestigious Italian luxury fashion houses including Armani, Fendi, Vionnet, Etro and Ferragamo, enhancing her hand-woven talents and expertise.

Eventually, Forbes was inspired to cultivate her artistry while exploring Turkey and Morocco, countries known for their prolific handcrafted traditions. In 2014, Forbes launched a collection of hand-woven raffia shoes from Morocco, comprised of a weave indigenous to their culture. It takes up to a full day to weave just one pair.